Memory Washer Portable  

Friday, November 5, 2010

Memory Washer Portable

Memory Washer Portable
Memory Washer, a smart memory and process manager tool, increases your amount of available memory by up to 95%. It prevents Windows crashes by freeing up unused memory, enabling your computer to run faster and more dependably. Use Memory Washer's Processes Manager to pinpoint those unstable programs that dramatically waste memory and abusively overuse your computer processor and give yourself the option of e
ither terminating them or changing their priorities.

As your computer runs out of memory, it slows down. Gets erratic. Applications, games, movies, and music start so slowly. Or, worse, they don't start at all, fail to load, or crash. When this starts happening, many people just go out and get more RAM but this isn't really the optimum solution. Especially since, with Memory Washer, you might not need extra RAM at all!

To ensure permanent system stability and free mem
ory, Memory Washer offers an automatic memory-wash option, preconfigured for your needs; you can set Memory Washer to automatically wash your memory whenever it reaches a specific amount, or at specific given intervals

So don't waste money buying more RAM for your computer when Memory Washer can let you use the memory you already have more efficiently!


Memory Optimization
Memory Washer's Memory Optimization feature will
help you increase the amount of available memory your computer has by up to 95%. By increasing the amount of memory your computer has, you are getting your computer and work protected from unnecessary Windows crashes and increasing the efficiency of your PC!

Boost Performance
When you recover more of your PC's memory, removing all those unnecessary and unwanted startup items and processes, your system gets a performance boost!

Startup Manager
Have entries that automatically start on Windows startup but that you don't need all the time or worse, that start without your permission? Memor
y Washer's Startup Manager helps you delete or disable those unnecessary, unwanted programs in your Windows startup list and get your Windows to load faster and smoother again... just like when you first bought your machine!

Processes Management
Malicious computer processes can run on your machine, slowing it down so dramatically, and using your PC memory and processor to such a level, that they can keep you from running anything else while they're running... or worse. They can capture your personal information, run popups you don't want, display ads, or cause countless other nuisances on your machine that both slow it down and possibly compromise its systems. Memory Washer's Process Manager gets rid of that problem fast by helping you detect and disable these troublemakers that slow your PC down

Memory Washer's Process Manager lets you view which programs are your "memory hogs" and manage them, either by terminating them entirely or changing their current priorities

Auto Memory Cleaner
Don't want to have to manually "free up your PC memory" every time you get stuck or slowed down? Want your PC's memory optimized without having to think about it all the time? With Memory Washer's Automatic Memory Management feature, you can automatically increase available memory at predefined, specified intervals, or upon reaching a preset amount of memory that you select and define yourself!

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