AFT Arrow 4.0 (Portable)  

Sunday, August 15, 2010

AFT Arrow 4.0 (Portable)

Portable AFT Arrow 4.0 | 20 Mb

AFT Arrow 4.0 provides comprehensive, compressible pipe flow analysis and system modeling capabilities combined with ease-of-use. Addressing open and closed loop systems, AFT Arrow includes a built-in library of fluids and fittings, variable model configurations, fan/compressor and control valve modeling and much more. With the optional Chempak add-in, a thermo-physical database of approximately 600 gases is available to further expand the envelope of your analysis and design. AFT Arrow goes beyond the boundaries of fluid flow analysis, with thermal analysis capabilities including piping heat transfer, heat exchanger modeling and varying fluid properties.

The portable app does not require installation. Make as many copies as you need. Carry it in a flash drive and use on any computer, even without administrator access. No change of any setting on the host computer. No more conflicts with other applications. No more 'hijacking' of file types.

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